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Mar. 16th, 2005 @ 10:26 am "THE LOST BOYS" VIDEO FOR SALE!!!
Hey all..

I've currently moved into a new place, and need money really bad for rent...so I am selling some of my video tapes, if anyone is interested-one of them is the 80's vampire classic [featuring a younger and hot Kiefer], "The Lost Boys".

If ANYONE is interested, PLEASE! email me at: fourballoons@hotmail.com asap. Thanks in advance!

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* "The Lost Boys" video (VHS) - horror - $2.75 (Box looks used, but tape/film itself is in great condition)


I also have TONS of other stuff for sale (not just SM related tho)- so check out my full "virtual garage sale" (aka. for sale) page if you are interested!:

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